WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly vs Ginger – Full Comparison + 45% Discount Offer

WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly vs Ginger

Spell and grammar errors are common when it comes to writing. Creating flawless content pieces is easier said than done. In order to come up with perfect articles/contents it is important to use Spell and grammar checking software.

The benefits of such software aren’t limited to making contents grammar/error free. There is much more to that.

This article is all about the top English checking tools of the industry- WhiteSmoke, Grammarly and Ginger.

These tools check variety of errors including wrong spelling, missing word, weak vocabulary, etc. Choosing any of the three will give you great results indeed.

To help you make the right choice we have unveiled the special features of the three with their in-depth analysis.

Let’s check out the winner in this WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly vs Ginger review

Grammarly Vs Ginger Vs Whitesmoke

It embodies context-specific grammar checking.It is friendly with various browsers and smartphones.It delivers Grammarly extension.  It offers extension lead of Grammarly.It can insert the word of different appropriate choice.It enjoys statistical machine translation technology.You can make use plagiarism checker.  It incorporates plagiarism checkerIt requires the internet connection for working.

It provides the facility of the word so you can add words according to your choice.It inherits built-in plagiarism checker.It embodies context-specific grammar checking.It is friendly with various browsers and smartphones.It delivers Grammarly extension.  It offers extension lead of Grammarly.It can insert the word of different appropriate choice.It enjoys statistical machine translation technology.You can make use plagiarism checker.  It incorporates plagiarism checker

WhiteSmoke Review

Standing with pride as one of the top English checking softwares WhiteSmoke is designed to proofread and review the text for spelling, structure, grammar, and punctuation errors.

Its capability to translate the texts in more than 45 languages has made this software highly popular among the professionals.

Moreover, this English checking tool can easily work on almost all the platforms having internet connectivity. Here is an authentic WhiteSmoke review for your ease.

Core WhiteSmoke Features

  • WhiteSmoke writer- It includes the grammar checker, punctuation checker, spell checker and style checker functionality. WhiteSmoke writer out the errors like incomplete sentences, missing space/word, incorrect capitalization, etc. Like MS Word, this tool highlights grammatical errors in blue, typo errors in red and spelling mistakes in green.
  • WhiteSmoke translator– Incorporated with the SMT (Statistical Machine Translation) technology, this tool ensures proper usage of the translated word in a sentence. The translator allows the users to choose from over 45 languages. This WhiteSmoke product works by conducting an online research and then translates the copy in a manner that best suits the context.
  • WhiteSmoke anywhere– The Anywhere tool enables the users to check writing and punctuation errors. It works on almost every device or platform. However, the software easily integrates on PC, tablet and mobile, but internet access is necessary for the product to work. This is indeed one of the best WhiteSmoke features.


  • Its web interface and browser extension features enables it to work on almost all the browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, IE and Opera and Safari.
  • Includes built-in translator and plagiarism check feature
  • Can be used on any device having web access
  • Availability of writing formats and templates make the software easy to use
  • The option of buying lifetime license makes this English checking software less pricy.


  • Users cannot integrate the WhiteSmoke Anywhere plan with MS Office software.
  • There is no free version of this software.
  • Internet access is mandatory to make it work.

Whitesmoke Price

WhiteSmoke doesn’t offers any free trials of its products. The monthly fee of their premium package ranges around $14.95. Users can also facilitate themselves with the lifetime subscription package costing $299.95 approx.


WhiteSmoke offers a complete English checking solution to the users with its variety of products. The success of this software lies in its two versions- Anywhere and Writer.

Grammarly Review

This grammar-checking tool scans the content for plagiarism, grammar, spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, enhancement, and style.

One of the amazing Grammarly features is that it considers more than 250 grammatical rules for grammar check of the content.

Additionally, it provides suggestions and alternative options for phrasing and spelling.

Top Features of Grammarly-

  • Checks’ writing format and styles- Grammarly offers the advantage of checking genre-specific writing style. The words and the structure of writing vary from one another. With Grammarly you have the option of choosing between multiple formats and styles like marketing, creative writing, academic, script, blog post, web content and even medical content.
  • MS word integration– We can’t go without a mention of this feature when it comes to Grammarly Review. On integrating this software with MS word you can easily create a flawless content. This extension checks grammar and other errors while the user is writing the content. Just make sure the internet connectivity is on while creating the content. The introduction of this tool has made Grammarly highly popular among the writers and bloggers.
  • Vocabulary check- This tool offers context-specific word and vocabulary check benefit to its users. It turns out to be quite helpful especially for writers, bloggers, and marketers.


  • Easy to use
  • Its power to understand the different styles allows Grammarly to provides most accurate suggestions
  • MS Office extension is one of the best Grammarly features
  • Users can customize the tool by adding the words of their choice to it.
  • This English checking software features in-built plagiarism checker
  • Facilitates the users with Spelling and grammar check at the time of writing in MS word.


  • Doesn’t works in absence of internet connectivity.
  • You’ll need to subscribe to one of the plans in order to facilitate yourself with Grammarly tools. Business users might have to shed a part of their profit in order to reap the benefits of this software.

Grammarly Price

Grammarly is a pricy software. Its monthly subscription costs $29.95 USD, while the fee for Quarterly Subscription is $19.98/month.


Grammarly is a highly accurate English checking tool that gives suggestions for all kinds of writing errors. Consideration of 250 grammar rules is its biggest perk. You can trust Grammarly completely for spotless writing.

Ginger Review

Ginger is a simple yet efficient grammar checking software that fixes the errors instantly. From proofreading to translation, Ginger has everything needed to ensure a flawless content. Users can benefit themselves from its basic service for free, but need subscription for unlocking the software’s complete features.

Highlights of top Ginger features-

  • Ginger Writer- This section facilitates the users with grammar and spell check tool. The grammar checker tool ensures misused words, proper use of nouns, verb agreement, and much more. On the other hand, Ginger’s Spell check highlights typo errors and incorrect spellings in the context.
  • Sentence rephraser– Rephrasing is yet another added advantage of using Ginger. At times when you are not confident about the structure of your sentences(s) the rephraser tool can come into handy. This tool helps the users in creating a flawless sentence that conveys the exact message of the individual.
  • Personal dictionary and Personal trainer- When it comes to Ginger review these two features can’t be left out. Ginger’s personal dictionary offers enhanced benefit while the customized training sessions help in erecting their mistakes.
  • Reading text- Ginger isn’t limited to proofreading and grammar checking. Its text-reading tool allows the users to improve their English and pronunciation skills. In addition, users can learn how to communicate in native English with the help of the Reading text tool.


  • Facilitates the users with Grammar checking, spell checking and Grammarly extension features
  • Users can add different words of their choice in Ginger’s built-in personal dictionary
  • In-built plagiarism checker and translator
  • Mac-Ginger Software available


  • The free version of this software considers limited number of words and not the whole text in every check.
  • The plagiarism checker tool is unlocked in the paid version only.
  • Web access is important to make it work.

Ginger Price

The subscription fee of this English checking tool is only $8 per month. However, users can also maintain free accounts but they will have to settle with limited features. Also, users with free accounts will be facilitated with a limited number of usages per week.


Ginger is an old player in the proofreading industry. It is reliable grammar-checking software but comes with certain limitations. One of the greatest Ginger features is that this software works on multiple platforms like iOS, Mac, Windows, Android and many more.

The Final Winner

After writing full comparison on WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly vs Ginger. We have highlighted all the distinctive features of the three tools in this detailed comparison of WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly vs Ginger.

You can easily choose one of them by weighing their properties against each other. Do consider your work preferences when making the choice. In our view, all of the three proofreading tools are worth considering, but the fact can’t be ignored that Grammarly has an edge over the other two.

This proofreading and grammar checking software detects the mistakes quite intelligently. Its genre-specific proofreading feature sets it apart from others. It is for this reason it has become highly popular among increased number of professionals and bloggers.

The tools incorporated in Grammarly are far more efficient than those featured in WhiteSmoke and Ginger. From MS Office access to user-friendly interface Grammarly has everything that one looks for in an English checking software.

This smart tool can sense the tiniest errors. The only downside of this software is absence of smartphone apps. However, the professionals who use desktop for their writing will not encounter any kind of issues.

Nevertheless, WhiteSmoke and Ginger are also great proofreading tools. Their cross-platform function makes them worth considering. Their app offers assistance while texting or commuting on smartphone. WhiteSmoke is worth the money price but Ginger will prove out to be a good option if you are after an inexpensive proofreading tool.

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