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“What Should I do Bro; I get a lot of traffic but end up getting $2-$5 only per day”

Bro, Google AdSense Disapproved/Banned My account, I am getting a lot of traffic daily, please suggest an alternative to it”

Well, I get a lot of questions like this every day because Google is banning and disapproving a lot of their publisher accounts and people are just going nuts over it because, a friend of mine lost $2000 in his AdSense Account which was stated as invalid activity (Which he never did)

To be Honest, It is very hard to get the perfect ad network for your blog because of different niches, keywords and other aspects.

Well, I may help you for this problem because today, I am going to review a very popular ad network which is Vertoz!

vertoz-com review

Vertoz Review – Advertising Company

Vertoz is a great ad network which is somewhat similar to Google AdSense because it offers CPC and CPM advertisements. I made by account and pasted ad codesI had a blog on Hacking niche which is strictly prohibited by Google AdSense so that was the reason they disapproved my account.

To be honest, I never got an average CPC. The CPC was dancing everyday which gave happiness everyday but gave my sadness rarely too.

Vertoz Ad Network Information –

As I said, Vertoz looks kinda similar to Google AdSense and that’s true! Let us get a look at the normal information and some features –

• Vertoz offers CPC and CMP based Advertisements.

• The Minimum Payout for Publishers is $100 (Which is the exact minimum amount of Google AdSense too)

• The Payout methods are somewhat great because it has the capability to do a wire transfer to your bank account or they can just transfer your money to your PayPal Account too (Which is somewhat unique and AdSense does not support this)

• It is a US Based company but support ads and publishers can join from all over the globe.

• I Personally tried to reach out the customer care service for this review! To be honest, They were extremely very helpful and they solved each of my query! The wait time was also pretty less which I think is somewhat awesome for some people!

• Another thing I like about Vertoz that they offer a wide variety of Advertisements for their publishers which can result in good Click through rate (CTR) and can help you earn a lot greater amount you make from Google AdSense.

I just need to say that Vertoz is one of my favorite ad networks I have ever used till now for my blog which had Adsense Disapproved.


I just need to say that Vertoz is the best ad network for the people –

• Who have a site on some niches which Google AdSense does not approve (Hacking, Programming, Download etc)

• Who Get a very low CPC. See, I don’t promise that after applying this ad network on your blog you would start get 10x revenue than before! It is just worth a try!

• Despite being a not so popular ad network, Vertoz promises on time payments and Yes, They do pay their publishers on time which is great!

• One more thing which I liked that they displayed Advertisements relevant to my niche which resulted me to give a great Click through rate and earn better! They have Keyword rich ads too!

If you are thinking that this article is just a sponsored review and Vertoz paid me for this article, then I would like to be transparent with you as always! They did not paid me a single penny for this, I am just writing this because it deserves to be a big ad network.

Join Ad network here –

You can join this awesome ad network by clicking on the link down below! Happy Earning!

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Conclusion and some Final Words on Vertoz Review–

In my opinion, Vertoz is a great ad network and the best thing I think Vertoz has is they provide PayPal as a payment method for their publishers. See, I don’t promise that you will get instant great results with great CPC and CPM because As I said, It is very difficult to a find the perfect ad network for your blog!

I would strongly recommend everyone to get this network a try and share your results in the comment box down below because It would help many fellows of this Blogosphere !

If you are facing any difficulties any difficulties or problems regarding this topic then feel free to comment down below because we just love to solve the daily problems of our lovely readers!

Don’t forget to share this article on Social media because Sharing is Caring 😀

Stay Tuned for more Reviews!

Happy Earning!

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