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ReviewMe Review- The company Media Whiz who owns popular service text link ads runs the platform ReviewMe. On this platform, the bloggers write reviews for a product provided by the advertisers. The writing is so done that it helps the advertisers direct more traffic and sales. It also helps the publishers in monetizing the blogs.

ReviewMe Review

Two Aspects of the Product

There are two aspects of the product, one is a publisher and the other is an advertiser. The publisher will make use of the site by making the money. At the same time, the advertiser wants to sell its products and redirect the quality links back at their site. The benefits for advertisers are in multiples.

  • For Publishers

The first easy step is to sign up. After this, all you have to do is to put your site’s URL, feed’s URL, category tags, and description. These specifications tell about the site. It helps the advertisers decide whether to pay for your blog post or not. This is the place where the advertiser will let you know if he or she wants to get a review written on your blog.

The best part about the ReviewMe is its ethical conduct. You can write negative reviews as you are not obligated to write positive reviews. Even then you will be paid for the review. It is totally an unbiased review. You can accept or decline any request you want to.

For one review write, you can earn from 20 dollars to 200 dollars. The pay depends on the website’s ranking, Alexa ranking and RSS subscribers. In general blog post will be 200 words long and 50 % of the revenue will be shared.

  • For Advertisers

ReviewMe helps shooting up the sales and profit. As an advertiser, the first thing after signing up is that you will see the list of blogs with rating and pricing. It is one of the ways to get your business featured to an audience of your choice. Since the review is not an ad it gets more attention.

The other benefits include getting a text link and getting a product page link. This helps in building a solid back link which helps in search engine searches.

There are 3 ways to get the products featured on a blog. The first is blog marketplace where the review on a listed blog is purchased. The second is advertiser offer where you have to rate the review in terms of money. The last is the advertorial method. Here you choose the ad spot on the page.


Social Media Exposure

ReviewMe is a big deal on some social platforms. On Facebook, it has got more than 46K likes. They post their updates regularly there. There are many followers of the page. On google plus, they have got a page of their own, but no followers are seen. On twitter, it has got more than 6K followers with more than 40K tweets at the moment.

Scam Check and Safety

Under the scam check result, it has got zero scams to their name. The safety results declare the website safe to serve. Child safety is ensured as well. No malicious activity has been cited so far.


Overall ReviewMe is a genuine site and as an advertiser or publisher, you should go for it. But before investing you should also do your homework about the site. All in all, it will be a positive experience to learn.

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ReviewMe Review
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