OptinChat Review: Grow Your Email List Faster with AI Chat

A neatly designed and attractive homepage was all a website needed a few years ago. But with massive increase in internet traffic and hundreds of new websites arriving every week, it’s tougher to retain visitors since they’re constantly on the lookout for better experiences online.

Unless you offer a highly streamlined user interface, your web visitors will hit the close button on your website, never to return again. Conversational UIs are the latest trend in website design that serve as a way to effectively engage with website visitors and ensure that they stay long enough to take what you have to offer.

A conversational UI may incorporate chat bots/pop-up chats that will assist the visitor as soon as he/she lands on your homepage.

The user can then choose to reply with a specific query which the chatbot will then utilize to direct the visitor to a specific page or even to a human representative who will better assist him/her.

Conversational UIs are useful for multiplying web traffic and for building your Email list easily.

OptinChat is a chat tool that you can incorporate on your website that will not only serve as an effective and helpful Conversational UI for website visitors.

It will also get you more visitors, double your conversions and build your Email List quickly and easily.

Below are a few important features of OptinChat that will highlight why it’s worth incorporating on your Blog/Website:


OptinChat Features:

• OptinChat does not require complex coding and can be seamlessly integrated with your website.

• Its interactive and will make your website more engaging to visitors.

• The Conversational Interface makes it easy for you to collect visitors’ Email IDs, thus helping you achieve high conversions.

• According to your needs, you can create your own website-specific chat module. Create your own questions and answers that are relevant to your conversions to make users take action.

• To add OptinChat to your webpage, you need only embed the JS Code and you’re ready to go!

• This is a fully automated chat module that will automatically pop up when a user visits your webpage.

• OptinChat is compatible with popular conversion and email subscription tools like MailChimp, Google Sheets, Convertkit, etc.

• It has a highly user-friendly, mobile-friendly interface that’s non-intrusive and will perform the difficult yet crucial conversion task of collecting visitors’ Name, E-mail addresses, and Phone Numbers.

• OptinChat cleverly collects contact information through its interactive exit chat that’s very engaging and irresistible to visitors.

• Email addresses are stored in OptinChat’s Dashboard which you can then export as a CSV file and directly integrate it to your webpages.

OptinChat Advantages:

• It is optimized to perform at high speed since it loads asynchronously via a CDN instead of a Static Server. Thus, it does not interfere with load speed and does not affect your site’s SEO.

• OptinChat guarantees a high conversion rate of 14%. When compared with other tools it performs 2x-3x times better, making it a powerful module to obtain high conversions.

• Its easily configured and has page-level targeting wherein you can choose different questions to pop-up on different pages. This makes it a very engaging tool while not being too intrusive to users.

• To analyse the data and statistics collected, OptinChat uses Funnel Visualization that shows impressions and unique views received by your website along with information collected like names and Email addresses.

• OptinChat works on all screen sizes/devices and has a responsive interface.

• This tool is a great way for new blogs to build their email list in less time. Several top-notch bloggers have endorsed OptinChat and recommend it as the best chat tool for blogs and websites.

Additional Insights into OptinChat Features:

• Bloggers know that converting visitors into subscribers ensure that they return to your site either to read your latest posts or to avail new services that you offer. OptinChat simplifies this strategy by coaxing visitors to part with their Email ID and contact information without being too pushy.

• Optin Chat pops up on the user’s screen with an attractive chat sound that will make users want to read the text and respond to it.

• Optin Chat Pricing involves a subscription fee for a specific period of time, depending on whether you want to continue using it on your website or not.

• If you’re using WordPress, you can get the OptinChat WordPress plugin which does the work of integrating the JS code in your website. The OptinChat Plugin for WordPress is easy to install and set up in just a few minutes.

Installation of OptinChat on your Website or WordPress Blog:

• If you’re not running WordPress, all you need to do to install OptinChat is to sign-up to their official website. Once signed in, you will need to fill necessary details in the OptinChat dashboard to get the JS Code. This JS Script should be added to your webpages.

• In case of WordPress, you need to install the OptinChat plugin like any other ordinary WordPress plugin by going to the WordPress Admin dashboard and clicking on upload plugin. Once the plugin is installed, activate it and you’re all set.

OptinChat Pricing:


Try OptinChat Free

OptinChat by Deepak Kanakaraju is a great tool for your brand-new website. Not only is it almost free to use, there’s absolutely no harm in adding it to your site.

In fact, the benefits of using a chat module on your site are immense, the most important being enhanced user interface. Conversions are the heart of website development, especially if you’re running an online Business.

You can’t afford to lose visitors and conversions. With a Conversational UI like OptinChat, every visitor is a prospective conversion to a customer or an Email subscriber. The attention span of people on the Internet these days is very low and newbie bloggers find that conversions have become tougher than ever before.

With direct conversational questions popping up on the homepage, visitors don’t have to scour through endless pages to get what you have to offer.

With OptinChat, you no longer have to struggle to grow your Email list and rely on gimmicks to force users to part with their email ids.

Try OptinChat Free

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