Top 10 best SEO Keywords Research Tools List in 2017

It is important to choose the proper keywords in terms of research. The person can spend considerable time in choosing the right content and accordingly develop the website, so that the same can attract the maximum amount of traffic. We has come up with the suggestions of right keyword research tools, with the help of which you will be able to find & use the correct keywords using below seo keyword research tools list in 2017.

List of Most Popular SEO Keywords Research Tools in 2017

1. Uber Suggest:-

Manier times the researcher does not know from where to start the search. At that time, the Uber Suggest can be helpful in suggesting the right keywords to the researchers. To be simple and straight, the Uber Suggest filters your wide range of option of the keywords and narrow it down for the right & appropriate suggestions.

2. Google Keyword Planner:-

The Google Keyword Planner is one of the most effective and popular research tools for the keywords. Google offers the keyword planner for the tool of AdSense. The Google Keyword Planner has undergone some excellent changes and has come up with the updated version that serves as an efficient tool. It can serve as the concrete starting when it comes to global or local search and pertaining competition.

3. Majestic SEO:-

This tool is helpful to provide the classified information in terms of keywords. You can copy paste the URL of the website or the keywords or the phrase, which you intend to search. The tool is advantageous in providing the total score of the search according to the total hits, total hits in title, total hits in anchor and many more. This gives the perfect picture on which keyword is performing better and hence it gives the better decision making idea to the user.

4. Word Tracker:-

This tool will get you the highest performing keywords in the blink of the eyes. This is a free tool that is highly used and beneficial to the users. This is helpful for you to determine that on which word you should focus and which word will get you the attention of the viewers. It also focuses on your area of interest while it gets you the appropriate keyword.

5. Keyword Spy:-

This tool is helpful for the organization because it will get you the keywords, which are being used by the competitors. Not only that, but this tool also gives you the ranking of the keywords that are being used by the competitor companies. This tool will be letting you know that how the competitors are investing in pay per click (PPC) advertisements or Cost per click (CPC) advertisements, where the user will be paid each time when he or she clicks and sees the particular advertisements. For example, Google’s advertising network runs on such a model.

6. Google Trend:-

This is one of the fastest tools used by the SEO researchers. Google Trend will help you come to know about the current hot topics or trending topics which are live in the market. This helps the SEO researcher the fair idea on which topics he or she should focus most on. Once, the researcher gets the idea about the topic, he or she can design the relevant & creative content according to the same that can be helpful to capture the attention of the audience. This helps to make their ways to find out the right customers for right content, at the same time, right content for the right customer. The marketer then can design the appropriate marketing strategy for the content.

7. Keyword Tool:-

The keyword tool helps to derive the long list of the keyword suggestions. Also, the same has come up with the updates pro version in the marker, which has some more effective tools for the SEO Market researchers. The updated version has accommodated the information such as cost per click, par per click, search volume data, competition etc.

8. Moz Keyword Explorer:-

This is a tool that will be helpful for you to get the different keyword suggestions, various suggestions around topics with respect to blogs or posts, how to create niche content or how to use the niche content to attract the viewers for the post etc. It has all the features of the Google Keyword Planner along with various additional features. With the help of this tool, the person can explore the different dimensions of the given topic. Even, the person can explore various diversified topics at the same time.

9. Buzz Sumo:-

The buzz sumo helps you get the vision that is beyond your basic search. This is a very effective tool especially in terms of social media platforms. The tool is quite advantageous as the same provides various filter options with respect to language, length, date range, type of the content, county type and many more. This helps you to derive which are the keywords that are catching the attention of the audience on the social media platform. Accordingly, the researcher can develop the content that can be posted on the social media.

10. SEO Book Keyword Tool:-

The name of the tool is self-explanatory to understand the functionality of the same. This is a significant tool as it helps the SEO research in daily terms. It provides the large variety of the options of the correct keywords as far as the search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing, Google etc. are concerned. It links the various topics with price, offered rates, advertisement programs and many more. You can get your keyword with respect to any possible area.

Final Words

Each and every SEO focuses on the continuous improvement in terms of selecting the right keyword and improve the position of it to the top. These SEO keyword research tools are efficient enough to help your right search. These are the most popular tools that are used among the industry. Hence, they are the best SEO research tools that are advisable to use for the researchers in terms of the keywords, topics and many more.

Top 10 best SEO Keywords Research Tools List in 2017
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Top 10 best SEO Keywords Research Tools List in 2017
We has come up with the suggestions of right research tools, with the help of which you will be able to find & use the correct keywords using below seo keyword research tools list in 2017.
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