FineBird Web Push Notifications Platform Review

FineBird Review

Most of the people using the android mobile nowadays as it provides you all the things you want with a single click. But the missing feature of the mobile is push notifications which are always will be on the top of all the features.

Here, we are going to tell you regarding FineBird Web Push Notifications with which users will be allowed to regular opt-in updates from the sites they love and also enable them to re-engage the relevant content with the customization.

FineBird Web Push notifications will make the service workers re-engage with the users and these service workers operate in the background. So, whenever the user interacts with the push notification by clicking or closing then only the code will run in the background.

In this tutorial, we are explaining you about Fine bird’s web push notifications, and also we will provide you the complete analysis to understand the Fine bird.

finebird review

FineBird Web Push Notifications Review:

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The only strategy here is, the most opt-in users that service worker has the more notifications they can send to the users as well as they increase them later.

The one more interesting thing here is you can get the FineBird Web Push notifications for free of cost, and you can upgrade the premium version whenever needed. As the online customer relationship and engagement were related to emailing, you can send the information regarding your company, office address, products, contents and more through E-mail to all the customers. The principal and primary objective regarding web push and E-mail are to reach a determined audience.

Remember, that the content you are sending to the customers is to be very attractive and you have to make the users read the content. Sometimes most of the push notifications may go to spam. But we can say that the more people will care the notifications, and they consider that the concerned website’s notifications could be valuable. The one more objective is, you need to clearly describe the message as push notifications provide you 148 characters. So that the users would show interest on your notifications to click on them.

How to use Fine bird’s web push notifications:

To link the Fine bird to your website, you need to configure it and remember it is available to for free of cost. If your site is set with the Fine bird account, then read the following procedure as we are explaining how to use the Fine bird’s push notifications. The first step you need to go through is creating a notification campaign that is you need to create a notification.


To add the notification, click on the Notifications tab which is on left side of the screen.

Now, name your notifications also configure it with customized message and title. You need to provide the link to redirect the users and also add some images to make your notification more attractive.

After configuring your notification, go to Campaigns tab and click on add campaign, name your campaign as well.

Go to Domains tab and enter your domain’s name that is a website on which you want to show the push notification.

Select the devices on which you want to send your notification it might be desktop or mobile or tablet.

Choose the notification that you want to use for this campaign and type the name of the created notification.

Now, configure the minimum delay and expiration date which will reflect the minimum time that your notification is to appear, and also you can choose the expiration date.

Afterward, click on add campaign also program your campaign with the launching date and select the volume of the subscribers that you want to send. Remember one thing here; you must have at least one subscriber to send the campaign.

Schedule your campaign and then wait for it to be moved to the Sent tab where you can find the views, conversion, and unsubscription.

This way you can test how the Fine bird’s push notifications are being used to gain the more users and to get the more subscriptions. This is my honest review about the fine bird.

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