Bluechip Backlinks Review – One of the Major SEO Breakthroughs

Bluechip Backlinks Review- The product Bluechip Backlink is one of the major SEO breakthroughs in 2015. The creator of the product is Terry Kyle. The tool is really simple to use yet it is very powerful. The background behind getting the expired domains that has links to the sites like Wikipedia, CNBC, Mashable and Cnet spikes up the rankings. The price for buying these domains ranges from 50 to 100 dollars a domain. With Bluechip Backlinks it cuts the price to almost 90%. With SEO tools it can be registered with a meager amount of 5 dollars.

Bluechip Backlinks Review

The Benefits of Bluechip Backlinks

  • At Bluechip Backlinks you will get 4 simultaneous crawlers. There will be no limitation to the campaigns. You can keep your new projects alive and can avail high-quality domains at cheap rates.
  • The best part about it is, there is unlimited rebuilds and previews. There is the unlimited scope for getting this cool job done and a lot can be saved.
  • There is incredible TC/CF metrics, Moz DA metrics. There is SEMrush SERP Scanner integrated. The unstoppable limits of crawl minutes per month is also a lucrative feature of the product.
  • The breakthrough of it is the SEO tool. It gives you an edge over your competitor. With the help of one click you can avail the list of thousands of high quality expired domains.
  • To make your investments worthy enough you are given access to private PBN training. It helps you in dealing with the whole process without creating any mess. You will not be caught by google anywhere in this process.
  • The Site Rebuilder feature would allow you to preview and download the entire domain site. All this happens in one click from
  • The other important feature of this tool is SERP sweeper. This feature allows you to go through all the past and present scan results. It helps you in selecting high-quality relevant domains.
  • The offer that Bluechip Backlinks are offering is the 5 dollars 10K TF10+ domains with the buying of the tool. This is one huge product that they are offering with the software.

Bluechip Backlinks Pricing

Most of the other domain finder tools cost you around 200 dollars. But the Bluechip Backlinks costs you just 99.99 dollars a month. With this amazing price, it comes with unlimited active campaigns and monthly rebuilds. It has also got unlimited crawl minutes per month. These availed cheap domains are highly demanded in the market and it can be resold for the 5-10X price.

Bluechip Backlinks Review

Social Media Standings

On Facebook, it has got only 58 likes. There are very few posts. The updates are not regular. People are not following the page there. Terry Kyle is on LinkedIn but no such special page for the product can be seen. The google plus page is not there as well.


Lack of social media exposure raises the question about its genuineness. Since the product is really good and has got loads of positive reviews it is doing quite well. Overall you can go for the product but do your research thoroughly.

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Bluechip Backlinks Review
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